About Us

We take care of our employees

We believe the words “Welcome to McDonald’s®” should apply to our employees just as much as our customers. We’re proud of our food, and just as proud of the employment experiences we offer.

In Canada, hundreds of thousands of people have entered the Canadian workforce through the Golden Arches™. Many have stayed, building successful careers with McDonald's, or moved on to other careers, leveraging their solid foundation of McDonald's experience.

A Great Start Hundreds of thousands of Canadians got their first job experience working behind the counter or in the kitchens and drive-thrus of McDonald's.

They chose McDonald's for all kinds of reasons. Regardless of why they joined or how long they stayed, a first job at McDonald's has served as a springboard to exciting and diverse careers for many successful Canadians. It’s a great start.

Positioned for Success
For employees who decide to build a career at McDonald’s, the growth opportunities are outstanding.

A prime example is John Betts, McDonald's Canada's President and CEO, who began his career as a McDonald's crew person. Jacques Mignault, Chief Operating Officer and Len Jillard, Senior Vice President, People Resources and Chief People Officer also began their career as a McDonald’s crew person.

Their success story is common at McDonald's Canada - there are incredible career opportunities available and we are committed to promoting from within for all our employees.

The Pathway to Management
Having energetic and motivated people join our team is the best way to realize our goal of building an exciting future together. Managing a McDonald’s restaurant is a challenging task, so we have a comprehensive Management Development Program which provides a formal training program for employees who move through the hierarchy to Restaurant Manager. At each level, your hands on training will be supplemented with classroom training.

Second Assistant Manager:
You’ll learn the tools of our business and will be involved in training, coaching and motivation of a large group of diverse staff.

First Assistant Manager:
You’ll assist with all aspects of restaurant operations. You’ll supervise recruiting and scheduling and you will be responsible for equipment management.

Restaurant Manager:
You’ll be fully accountable and responsible for the operations, profitability and management of a multi-million dollar business.

At all levels, you’ll be involved in directing, maintaining and increasing sales and profit levels.

Ambitious and talented Restaurant Managers have the opportunity to extend their career paths into other disciplines related to McDonald's Corporate, such as Field Service Operations, Training, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Marketing and more, or enter the franchise organization.

Global Opportunities
Career opportunities at McDonald’s also exist beyond Canada - McDonald's operates in 119 countries around the world, and many of our crew find themselves working in a variety of destinations around the world.

A Great Team
Each person at McDonald's plays an important role. Crew and managers work together, constantly communicating and supporting each other in a team atmosphere that is busy and challenging, but always aims to be co-operative and fun.

One of the best things about working with us is the potential for lasting friendships. The interesting people you'll meet will ensure you have a great time at work. And if you enjoy social activities, you'll have chances to spend time with your colleagues at special company events including summer picnics, holiday parties and other organized outings.

Flexible Schedules
At McDonald's, we know that you have responsibilities and interests outside of work. We recognize the importance of work/life balance. That's why we offer flexible schedules to help you choose hours that best fit your life.

Maybe you need a part-time job that will fit around your studies or you're available only on weekends. Perhaps you're looking for a few hours a day while your kids are in school. Your local McDonald's Manager will be able to help you work out a schedule that suits you.

Workplace Safety
Ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for all employees is a top priority for McDonald's. We aim to make safety a part of everything we do.

Our restaurants have workplace safety programs in place to ensure that our high safety standards and procedures are clearly communicated and reinforced daily. As an important member of our team, you'll be taught to identify and report any potential issues, and encouraged to offer suggestions to improve health and safety.